Why Advertise on Internet Radio?

  • Internet radio plays far fewer commercials per hour, which results in higher listener attention levels, increasing the ads, intended effect.
  • Listeners are only one click away from an advertiser’s web site. They are online and have browser windows open. This makes it very easy to get the listener to visit the advertiser’s web site.
  • Web radio listeners are a highly active group of consumers with an above average level of purchase intention according to an analysis by BIG Research. This link is regarding a recent study of the impact of internet radio advertising written by an authority on internet radio.

Target Spot:

Why Advertise On SOMORE.ORG?

We have developed a targeted audience of listeners and their fans.

Most of our listeners resides in the South Orange Maplewood communities.

Our listeners are affluent and have the means to get what they want.

The demographics: age range is from 21 years old to 64 years old / 55% female; 45 % male audience.

SOMORE.ORG listeners stay on our station for far above average extended periods of times.

SOMORE.ORG is one of fastest growing internet radio programs online. We are adding new listeners every day and are becoming a major player in the online radio alternative talk market.

To get started email: in or Call Us: (347) 674-1680